Baduhenna (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

by Antichrisis

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Our Indian Summer’s gone No more fireflies A cold wind comes up brings along Rainclouds in the skies We saw the light in the distance Fading away in the twilight The mists come crawling up the hill We’re losing eyesight The world around us is joining to The rhythm of the falling rain Trees are singing, the earth awakes Washing away the pain A forest full of laughter And the grass it blissfully sways You hold me hand, they’re calling us This must be some kind of praise Now we’re understanding everything The rain is alive The rain is alive Raindrops dazzling round your hair like a diamond veil Walking through these woods with you sensing our trail Don’t know if I’m dreaming here but your touch and the hail feel so real The world and we are listening to what the rainfall reveals We’re understanding everything The rain is alive The rain is alive We’re understanding everything Her name is alive Her name is alive
It all seems so quiet In the forest outside As snow’s falling down I hear no sounds From barren grounds I was waiting for thee Are you calling me From somewhere above Snowflakes dazzling round Up in the skies The lonesome cries Better keep within bounds There were crows You saw the signs And knew everything But you didn’t care You killed my creatures Arrogant child You were walking on air Now you’re calling me You pray for me But I'll no longer be there I’m leaving you In your madness down there In your despair You killed crows Killed my crows Where are the crows? Where have they gone? Where are the crows? What have we done? There were crows This ain’t no snow These are ashes that keep fallin' from the sky And I’m crying out Cause I’m all alone And I don’t wanna die… Where are the crows? Where have they gone? Where are the crows? They are all gone! Where are the crows? Where have they gone? Where are the crows? What have we done? Once were crows No more crows No more...


--- There once was a most beautiful planet called Eorthe --- But mankind really fucked it up --- Only a few survived Dōmes Dæg --- Two tribes emerged: Enoe and Mandoag --- Mandoag tried to hunt us down with their spiral wings --- They built bastilles that we absconded from --- Beware of Mandoag searchlights --- Her boat was waiting for us on the shore --- We cried when we saw what we had done --- How could we be so ignorant? --- Even the crows had disappeared --- We built Baduhenna with our last resources --- We gotta get away although we could have had it all --- The last rite before the take off --- Our spaceship on a preset course to Alpha Canis Majoris --- We're desperate and scared: there is no home anymore --- It's so dark and cold out there --- There's no return --- Au revoir, Terre! ---

Antichrisis had been working over two years on the movie score to A. Forster's SciFi filmlet "Baduhenna": a challenging task as "Baduhenna" is a movie without any dialogue. Like in the silent film era the music had to underscore the entire movie reflecting the emotions of all characters of the pursued Enoe tribe.

The soundtrack album contains the original motion picture edit (Track 1) as well as all its tracks separately (Tracks 2 - 10 ).

We've also included bonus tracks "Understanding Everything" (Track 11) and "There Were Crows (Snowflakes Mix)" (Track 12) as they fitted just perfectly to the album's over-all atmosphere.


released October 1, 2015

All Songs written, arranged & produced by Sid

Antichrisis are:
Ayuma: Vocals
Sid: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Drums

© 2015 Antichrisis - ℗ 2015 Antichrisis




Antichrisis Nürnberg, Germany

Antichrisis is a German duo consisting of Sid & Ayuma. Their music can not be categorised that easily because it is in fact a melting pot of Pop, Rock, Irish Folk, Electronica, Dark Wave, Alternative, Indie, Dancefloor, Post Punk, Metal, Gothic and Wossisname -- hence you might have to find out for yourself what Antichrisis is all about, but always expect the unexpected. ... more

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